1. Awards to talented newcomers in the Film Industry.
2. Children’s Film Festival.
3. ShortFilm and Documentary Festival.
4. Drama Fest.
5. Dance Fest.
6. Music Fest.
7. Workshops on the various aspects of Filmmaking.
8. Film Appreciation Classes for people of all age groups.
9. Classes for Women Empowerment and Protection of Nature.
10. Production of socially relevant films for the betterment of society.
11. Stage Shows for promoting upcoming artistes from various sectors of cultural arts.
12. Medical Assistance to the needy and deserving artistes.
13. Financial Assistance to struggling artistes.
14. Felicitation of talented artistes who have not been duly recognized.
15. Assistance in bringing out films of high quality and value to the public.
16. Film Club for Children.
17. A Film and Television Institute.
18. Film Screenings to boost awareness of meaningful, quality cinema.
19. Screening of Short Films and Documentaries.
20. Talent Development programs.